Bring The Guild of St. George To Your Event

The Guild of St. George provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Elizabethan nobility: plotting, gambling, eating, drinking, dancing and singing, in a fairy tale fantasy that really happened. The leaders of the Guild of St. George are always looking for new opportunities to bring our historical pageant to the public. The guild can provide a few people to bring color to a dinner party, or the complete guild to support a Renaissance Faire or Festival. The Guild of St. George is uniquely qualified to create a true “time travel” experience and bring the glory of the Elizabethan Age to life for you. To bring the Guild of St. George to your event, please contact the appropriate guildmaster (see “Contacts”) for availability and cost information. Please note that the guild generally requires at least six months notice to support any event.

Testimonials From Our Happy Supporters

Dr. Mary L. Robertson

Curator of English Historical Manuscripts (Retired)
The Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens

“I first met the Guild of St. George in connection with an exhibition I created at the Huntington Library in 2003 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I. During the following year members of the Guild presented more than a dozen separate events and performances for us, ranging from a magical impromptu a cappella  performance of Renaissance Christmas music in the exhibition gallery to a full-scale Elizabethan family festival on our grounds, complete with an appearance and speech by the great Queen herself that brought several  hundred visiting children (and their parents) to delighted cheers. The Guild has performed at the Huntington many times since then, and I continue to be impressed by the knowledge, professionalism and dedication of their members, by the depth of historical research and commitment to accuracy exhibited in all of their activities, and by their sheer exuberance in bringing the world of Elizabethan England to a broader public.”

Marc Meltonville

Project co-ordinator
Historic Kitchens Team, 
Hampton Court Palace

“Richard and I always make a point of visiting with the Guild of St. George when we are in Los Angeles. These chaps really know their history but are always eager to learn more. We love to see how different groups interpret the past, it help  to keep debate going and bring us to new understandings. They very excited when we bring them 16th century artifacts to examine and hold; but then, I get excited when I get a research trip to LA (the book collections held there are just fantastic). I am pleased that we have been able to provide them information that they have used for their own productions, helping bring a love of history to an ever wider audience.”

Kevin Patterson

Executive Director,
Red Barn Productions
Former General Manager & Board Chair, The Living History Center
Former CEO Renaissance Pleasure Faires, Inc.

“The Guild of St. George perpetuates the very best in authentic living history. From the Guild’s beginnings at our world famous Renaissance Pleasure Faires in the 1970’s to their ongoing participation at historically oriented events and school programs throughout California, we can think of no other organization in America or England with as much talent and acquired knowledge of Elizabethan England than the Guild of St. George and its members. Their presentations from 2000-2005 at our Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faires in Santa Barbara, Lake Tahoe and Marin County were of the very highest quality. Adults and children alike were enthralled. I still get goose bumps when I enter their carefully crafted environments at any event in which they participate. They are at once meticulously authentic, and delightfully theatrical presenters, who truly bring history to life.”