A rising sun shining across gentle green hills,
A great sailing ship driving before the wind across unknown seas,
Tables groaning under piles of the finest food on gold platters,
Wood and plaster buildings rising high above narrow streets,
The bells of a country church ringing joyously to welcome a new day,
A hundred Lords and Ladies in sumptuous clothes dancing across marble floors,
A thousand people crowding into a circular courtyard to catch the latest play,
A glorious queen speaking before her loving people.

These and a thousand other scenes are part of the magic and romance of Elizabethan England; magic and romance that is brought vividly to life by the Guild of St. George. Beyond books, beyond movies, beyond the stage, the Guild of St. George uses the art of interactive theatre to re-create the pageantry, color, and people of the past, and to put you in the middle of it all.